Wood arrived today!

Wood arrived today!

Urban Boatbuilders, a nonprofit organization, had cedar strips they couldn’t use (they build wooden boats, but not ones that require laminating as cedar-strip ones do), so they sold me more than a boat’s worth of wood at about half the cost of buying them retail. The strips are in different lengths, so I’ll need to do some sorting and see what exactly I have to work with. In about a month I’ll be taking a building workshop, so the project won’t begin full steam until then.


5 thoughts on “Wood arrived today!

    • I am, too, but just putting a finished canoe picture on the page wouldn’t tell much of a story. I could set up the forms on the strongback any time now, but I’m delaying that until I can actually start building (a car must be evicted from the garage in order to do that).

  1. After looking at all of the wood carefully, it looks like 850 of the 1400 lineal feet is usable (the rejects are too wide on one dimension and too thick on another). Tomorrow we’ll pay a visit to Dennis at NorthWest Canoe to see how much more I’ll need, most likely another 300 to 400 lnl ft.

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