Flipping day

Andrewhand AndrewinsideNWcruiser - CopyToday the forms were unbolted and knocked out, and the canoe was flipped onto some canoe cradles built yesterday.  My 12-year-old son was needed to squeeze into the ends to unbolt the last forms.

removing from forms - Copy

removingforms - Copy



Hull epoxy is cured. Not perfect, but it’ll get a light sanding later on before the UV coat is applied.



Epoxy, then thickened epoxy were applied before adding 3 stem-protecting bias strips from the fiberglass cloth. Then the final wetting of of the cloth followed. Applying the cloth was really difficult–working against time and wrinkles. The garage was 82 degrees, which helped achieve a transparent lay-up. Ran out of time, so I will apply probably 2 more coats of epoxy (filling in the weave of the fabric) before flipping it over to work on the inside.